A holistic approach to personal training.

As a level three personal trainer and a trained sports therapist I can ensure your training will be efficient and easy on your body.

Angie Horan-Sibley Personal Training | We're with you every step of the way.


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About Angie

I am a highly motivated Personal Trainer for 11 years qualified at level 3 (the highest qualification you can achieve). with a passion and love for sport. I strive for every individual to be happy within themselves and through my training meet their individual aspirations.

Training both female and male clients, as well as children between the ages of 6 – 11 years I have a track record of having a positive impact with my clients.

I am also qualified as a Sports Therapist dealing with sports injuries or protecting long term injuries through individual programming.

Professional qualifications

  • Premier Trained at level 3 for Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist
  • Certified Insanity® instructor
  • Qualified in Sports Fitness level 1 and 2
  • Specialized in Circuit, Spinning, Swiss Ball and Netball at level 1
  • Children’s multi sports aged 3-16
  • Sports Therapy and Sports Massage
  • Nutrition

Areas of expertise


Personal training

I treat everyone of my clients as an individual. Your personal programme is prepared to suit your needs and ability. I can help you to achieve your personal goals, build your self confidence.


Sports therapy

Whether you have a sports injury, or recovering from illness or Surgery. I can help you with your rehab to resume normal daily activity or fitness.


Sports massage

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage releasing stress and tension in the muscles, that maybe causing pain and discomfort.